Bush Vineyard Natural Pinot Noir 2014

Sonoma Coast

The purest example of the Pinot Noir grape is one that does not need any additives or other "tricks of the trade” to be what it is meant to be, sexy, feminine, enticing, ethereal - this wine is all that! Sourced from the north-facing hillside Bush Vineyard in the Green Valley AVA, on the nose the freshness of the fruit keeps you very alert to what may be hiding behind it. There is where you find the cleanest edge of minerality interlaced with notes of cherries, raspberries and roses.

The tangy acidity has a playfulness about it switching back-and-froth between sweet and sour, keeping you guessing about what is going to do and where it is going to take you next. This wine does not want to be with the "heavyweight champions", it excels and it is much happier in the "featherweight division”. It glides in your palate delighting you at every stage with balance, youthfulness, clarity and beauty!

This is a Pinot Noir for Pinot Noir lovers who appreciate finesse over strength and subtlety over power!

Aging: One new and one neutral barrel
Cases Produced: 48
Alc. BY Vol: 12.5


Single Vineyard

Ernest Vineyards specializes in site-specific wines. Each of our wines comprises grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. For our Ernest labels, we use grapes from nine sites in all. Some sites are well-draining, some are on hillsides. Some face west, some are considered cold-climate. We work closely with growers and vineyard managers at each site to dial-in the farming to adhere to a style that maximizes flavor ripeness while keeping sugars down and acidity high. The result: Wines that are pure expressions of the sites from which they came.

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We produce rosé under the Eugenia label; our current release, from the 2015 vintage, include two different wines. One—The Country Wife—is a rosé of cinsault, and is just like all of our other single-vineyard wines, made with grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. Another—The Motley—is a rosé of pinot noir, and is a blend from our very coldest pinot noir sites.

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The Lab

In addition to Ernest and Eugenia, we own and operate a third label: Edaphos (pronounced ee-dah-fos). It means “base,” “ground,” and “soil” in Greek; we felt it was a good expression of our attitude behind this winemaking. We consider this part of our business to be our “laboratory,” the place where we make small-lot wines that incorporate new and exciting approaches to winemaking with different styles and off-beat grape varietals. Sometimes we also call it our “sandbox.” The Edaphos strategy enables us to explore, experiment, and apply some of the lessons we learn to wines we make under our other labels. It also allows us to produce different wines whenever we feel like making them.

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List + Contact

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our wines, and actively are adding new members to our list. For more information, or to reserve a spot for our latest releases, please call us at 415-644-5178 or submit your information in the boxes below.

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